VDES24178 Project 3: Google Doodles

PROJECT BRIEF: Students are to design an animated Google homepage logo using their Google Doodle platform as inspiration. The final logo can be animated as a GIF or WebGL interactive doodle.


For this project, I chose to create a Google Doodle for National Martini Day, which is celebrated annually on June 19th. The animation itself was done using Adobe After Effects, a program that I had dabbled with but wasn’t an expert with by any means.

The concept that I was trying to imitate with this Google Doodle was the idea of bartending and someone pouring martinis, which would be located in a bar-like scene. Playing around with the text effects and motion of the camera was interesting because despite involving a lot of keyframes, it provided an interesting perspective to the design, as opposed to keeping it stationary as drawn in the preliminary storyboards.

The rhetorical tropes used in this design are:

  • Metaphor: the colour of the martinis not only symbolize the colours of the rainbow, but also stand as a symbol of inclusion and unity as commonly referenced with the pride flag.
  • Metaphor: the decorations and colours of the martinis are references to real-life martini drink recipes, which come in various colours.
  • Allusion: the neon “Google” sign in the background alludes to the environment and decorations that are usually found in bar, where someone might be served a martini.
  • Allusion: the font of the neon “Google” sign in the background is an allusion to the classic style of bar neon signs, as well as to the greaser subculture that was around during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Allusion: the overhead light that illuminates both the text and the drinks is a reference to the overhead bar lighting that is commonly found in establishment, as well as the flickering.



At the beginning of this project, my partner and I worked together to come up with a list of topics that we could potentially choose from. The categories that we chose to brainstorm ideas for were Anniversaries, Inventions & Innovations, and Celebrated Events.


From each category, we then chose two topics each that we would make sketches for.

  • National Martini Day (Celebrated Events)

The concept of the above sketch was to have multicoloured martini drinks with different decorations that would spell out the word “Google”.

  • Gorilla Glass (Inventions & Innovations)

The concept of the above sketch was to display the different types of devices that use gorilla glass and spell the word “Google” using on-screen typographic lettering.

  • Yanni (Anniversaries)

The concept of the above sketch was the highlight Yanni’s unique style of writing music and notes (this is done in a notation that he developed himself).


Choosing to continue with creating a design for National Martini Day, I designed the storyboards with the idea of having the glasses and liquids have movement. I wanted to simulate someone pouring the drinks and the decorations dropping from the top into the glass.

During critiques with my professor, we decided that I would try to implement some more camera movement and panning to add to the overall animation.


The visual style that I wanted to recreate was partial realism and partial cartoon/vector. I initially created a lot of the elements (glasses, drink liquids, decorations) in Adobe Illustrator, then imported them into After Effects for the animations.

The following images show the visual style and colours that I was inspired by. The brick wall background and overhead light were inspired by the image on the left, while the neon sign and lighting colour change were inspired by the image on the right.

Two brick wall backgrounds were also created in Illustrator, which would depict the day to night change, allowing the martini drinks and the neon sign to be the main focus.

The martini drinks themselves were inspired by real-life martini recipes. The colours and decorations were designed to match the drink as much as possible.

  • Peach Pomegranate Martini
  • Apple Cider Martini
  • Yellow Bird Martini
  • Appletini
  • Deep Blue Sea Martini
  • Purple Dragon Martini


The alignment of the elements followed a fairly symmetrical alignment. I wanted to ensure that there was equal amounts of spacing on each side of the drinks, as well as the text.

For the movement of the elements, I combined both horizontal and vertical movement. In the beginning, the glasses slide in horizontally, then the liquid and decorations fall vertically from the top. As the camera zooms out and the scene changes from night to day at the end of the GIF, the elements move down vertically to disappear, while the overhead light expands to loop the GIF together.