INFO17198 Project 3: Future Interface

PROJECT BRIEF: The future interface project gives you the opportunity of exploring interfaces without having to concern yourself with the coding side of project or trying to source how to actually create the interface. Instead, the project is to be a video mock up of a not yet available interface. The interface will make use of filming a subject using the interface in their environment.

PHASE THREE: Submit the final video on Vimeo with the following specifications – 720p, 1280 x 720, 16:9 aspect ratio, square pixel, deinterlaced. The video should also be embedded in a blog post.


Are you tired of losing your phone in the bottom of your bag and not being able to find it? What about always having to hold it because you have no pockets and accidentally dropping it all the time? Look no further, VIA Corporations has the solution for you. Introducing, VIA Gear, a chip implant that acts as an extension of your phone. The chip implant is placed within your forearm and produces an on-arm holographic display, which can be interacted with like a touchscreen. From sending messages and answering calls, to listening to music and connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones, the VIA Gear chip makes your day-to-day activities much easier.


The following links are the sources to the media used in this video that do not belong to me.