INFO17198 Project 2: Future Interface

PROJECT BRIEF: The future interface project gives you the opportunity of exploring interfaces without having to concern yourself with the coding side of project or trying to source how to actually create the interface. Instead, the project is to be a video mock up of a not yet available interface. The interface will make use of filming a subject using the interface in their environment.

PHASE TWO: Storyboard the video and animation of the interface as drawn storyboards. The storyboard should include the final location(s)of the shoot, a list of equipment that you will need and identify the actors being used. Consider how the interface will start, how the interface is used and what happens between interactions both on the display and in the reality you have presented.

This blog post is divided into the following sections:

  • Storyboards
  • Graphical Interface Mock-ups
  • Script & Production Details
  • Filming Locations
  • Filming Style


(To anyone viewing my storyboard drawings, I apologize for the hideous drawings. I have never been good at drawing bodies, so my abstract and disfigured forms are the best I can do. My strengths lie in the drawing of inanimate objects, landscapes and words, not people. Hopefully, the drawings are still somewhat understandable.)



The following links lead to the uploaded versions of both the script for this project and the production details.


The following images are stills of the locations that will be used for shooting.

  • Scene 1: Bedroom
  • Scene 2: Kitchen
  • Scene 3: Hallway / Learning Commons (Sheridan)
  • Scene 4: Spinning Studio (Sheridan Gym)
  • Scene 5: Kitchen / Living Room


The following two links lead to video examples of the style of filming and camera movement that I aiming for with this video. Both are advertisements for futuristic technology.

From these videos, I really liked the way that the camera followed the subject and contained movement in the shot, instead of having the camera be completely still. Personally, I think that this makes the shot more dynamic and realistic.