INFO18081 Project 4: Digital Rebranding Design

PROJECT BRIEF: Using skills learned in Digital Tools 1 and Visual Literacy, you will use your revised logo from Design Fundamentals 1 and use on two still images. In each of the images, the logo should be realistically positioned, scaled, rotated and distorted into place. It should be colour blended and colour corrected to look like the logo belongs on the item in question with realistic shadows. Storyboard a 3–12 second animation for the brand to play on a Web site. The animation could apply realistic shadows, movement on a 2-D plane, including rotation, cropping, scaling, etc.



For this project, I chose to use the logo that I had designed for the yoga studio, AQUARIA. Based around the concept of water and meditation, I wanted to take photos of objects that could potentially be associated with the brand. In this case, I chose a swell bottle and a lanyard charm that would be manipulated to look like branding elements.


The first object that I chose to use was a bottle, which was appropriate for the brand. Originally, I had intended to use a travel mug and manipulate the logo onto it, but was intrigued by the concept of the swell bottle and chose to do that instead. The photos were taken in Sheridan’s B wing, due to the natural lighting from the windows and the white tables.


To begin, I imported the symbol portion of the logo to place onto the swell bottle. The layer mode was set to opacity and bevel/emboss layer effects were added, as shown below.


Since the image was taken with the light source on the right side, the logo needed to be adjusted so that there were shadows on the left and highlights on the right. To do that, I duplicated the original logo layer and set the blend mode to vivid light (20% opacity). Then, added curves and levels adjustment layers, a gradient that was clipped to the logo outline and set to hard light, and an additional layer of shadows.


The final layer that was added was a 3D LUT layer that changed the colours of the overall composition. The layer opacity was turned down to 50%.


The second objects that I chose to use for this project was a charm that I found on my lanyard. It originally came with the Overwatch lanyard as the symbol for the Summer Games promo event, but I had the idea to erase the existing logo and try to manipulate it to look as if the AQUARIA logo was on it.


The exisiting logo on the charm had to be removed, so I used the clone stamp tool, as well as the colour mixer brush to blend the coloured sections that didn’t blend together.

Once that had been completed, I then imported the symbol portion of the logo. The most difficult part of that was using the perspective warp tool and height adjusters to make it seem as if the angle that the charm was shot from was also the angle of the logo.


When looking at the logo that was originally on the charm, it was extruded and 3-dimensional, which was what I wanted to try and imitate. Due to my lack of experience the 3D rendering in Photoshop, I attempted to create an extrusion without using the 3D option and instead, relied on the drop shadow tool to create the shadows.


Instead of leaving the charm with a gradient fill, I applied a pattern overlay to the logo and set the layer mode to divide. This made the top of the logo seem as if it had a dark red texture or fill. At first, I considered leaving the charm its original light-violet colour but thought that it would look better if there was some sort of design on it.


The final layer that was added was a 3D LUT layer that changed the colours of the overall composition.


The animation part of the project was the most difficult because I knew how to make an animation, but was unable to make it so that when rotating a shape, it wouldn’t rotate on all of the frames before it. Instead, I decided to go with a simple fade in, slide, fade out concept, which I think is appropriate because the logo is a very simple, modern concept and there is nothing crazy going on with it.


This project proved to be a bit of a bigger challenge. Not only did I have to think about the objects that I would use in order to portray the brand properly, but also needed to think about the animation. Next time, I would definitely give myself a little but more time to work on the animation and attempt to add more transitions to it.