Dollarama / Futurama


The year is 2065 and the world has reached a point where the threat is no longer outside, but inside. Climate change and the environment are no longer the biggest concern for the people of planet Earth. Instead, the hidden killer is inside their homes. Mysterious illnesses have broken out and the cause is due to the dangerous particles and molecules in the air. Now, it is not only dust particles that people must look out for, but excessive moisture, radon gas and anything related to combustion products (carbon). Everyone is affected, yet homeowners don't know what to do.

The solution? The VIDA Air, an advanced air purifier by VIDA Corporations. Designed with the goal of eliminating indoor air pollution, this device relies on two main sets of air filters. The first set in the top of the device targets dust particles, while the second set in the base targets excessive moisture, radon and combustion products - the three most dangerous indoor air pollutants. Once filtered, the air is turned into clean oxygen that is released back into the air through the holes of the VIDA Air.

To use it, simply place the VIDA Air device in your desired location, preferably a common area such as a living room, kitchen, dining area or bedroom. Press the button on the base, then watch as the air around you is transformed into clean air that you can breathe without needing to worry about what could harm you.